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B&S Group SA

B&S is a value adding distribution partner in Fast Moving Consumer Goods across a range of specialised markets. Our business is to serve our clients’ needs, and we achieve this by providing best-in-class-service at all levels of the company. Along the entire supply chain, we use our knowledge and experience to develop practical solutions to clients’ day-to-day challenges. We act as a trustworthy partner, taking over our clients’ tasks and working actively with them to achieve their ambitions. But no matter which service we’re providing, our goal remains the same as it did when we started 145 years ago: to provide clients with reliable, long-term solutions, while continuing to grow their business, and our own.



B&S Group SA

"As specialists in a range of supply operations, we tailor-make our services to fit each client’s needs. From providing food or bonded items, to establishing a new logistics route, we ensure that clients’ goods are delivered when and where they need them. And because we’re active in over 100 countries, we're used to discussing international supply chain logistics as well as customs regulations. Think global, act local.

For some, this is an ambition. For us, it’s a daily reality."

"Our global reach, scale, sourcing acumen and experience in customs, logistics and compliance are the key aspects of our added value to the distribution chain, actively managing our supplier and customer relationships. We seek to benefit from structural growth trends in the Value Retail, E-commerce and Travel markets as well as macro and market trends such as the growth in outsourcing by suppliers, globalisation, increasing demand in luxury brands and focus on compliance."
Bert Meulman, CEO B&S Group



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Market: Euronext Amsterdam
Capitalization compartment: Compartment A
Subsector: Broadline Retailers
Isin code: LU1789205884
Symbol: BSGR


IPO Date: 23/03/2018
Issue type: Initial Public offering
IPO Price: 14.50 EUR
Price range: 14.50 EUR - 17.75 EUR

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Date Title
23 Mar 2018 B&S Group celebrates first day of trading on Euronext expand

Amsterdam – 23 March 2018 – B&S Group (ticker symbol: BSGR), a global distribution partner for consumer goods, began trading on Euronext Amsterdam today. The listing follows the company’s Initial Public Offering (IPO), with a total offering of € 358 million.   

Based on a reference price of € 14.50 per share, the total market capitalisation of B&S Group at opening was € 1,221 million.

B&S Group is an international distribution partner of fast-moving consumer goods across a range of niche markets. The company offers the advantage of diversification through markets, products and geographical spreads. The listing will provide B&S Group with financial flexibility and diversity through access to a wider range of capital-raising options to continue to realise its growth ambitions.

Bert Meulman, CEO of B&S Group, said: “The listing marks an important milestone for B&S Group readying the company for the future. It has been an exciting and intensive time and we are very pleased to be at Euronext Amsterdam today to celebrate this new step in the development of our company. The level of interest from both institutional and retail investors underlines the success of how we have built this company over the years. It also confirms our current attractive business model. We look forward to focusing on further expanding our leading positions internationally and to continuing value creation for all our stakeholders.”

B&S Group celebrated the accomplished IPO and listing by sounding the gong, which denotes the opening of trading of the company on Euronext Amsterdam.

About B&S Group
B&S Group is a global distribution partner for consumer goods in attractive channels and across specialised markets, such as Retail B2B (business-to-business), Maritime, Remote and Retail B2C (business-to-consumer). With a well-trained and experienced workforce of approximately 1,460 employees, the Group serves as a trusted and reliable partner to suppliers and customers, providing essential distribution services and solving their supply chain complexities. B&S Group operates a flexible, well invested and highly efficient distribution platform that comes with strong barriers to entry. Powered by high capacity warehouses and delivered with experience in customs and compliance, the Group offers over 40,000 consumer goods to its customers in more than 100 countries. The Group realised a turnover of €1.5 billion and EBITDA of €106 million for the year ended 31 December 2017.

23 Mar 2018 IPO B&S Group expand

B&S Group lists on Euronext Amsterdam

Euronext welcomes B&S Group (symbol: BSGR), a fast-growing, global distribution partner for consumer goods, which has started trading on Euronext Amsterdam today. CEO Bert Meulman and the mangement team of B&S Group celebrate the company’s listing by sounding the gong.

B&S Group is active in 100+ countries and offers over 40,000 consumer goods to its customers in Health & Beauty, Liquor, Food & Beverage and Electronics. The company is specialised in resolving supply chain complexities in the consumer goods sector, for both suppliers as customers in various specialty markets. B&S Group is market leader in a large number of channels and so-called remote markets – distant, isolated or with a unfavourable geographical location.

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