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Parx Plastics

"With a direct listing,
we get access to the financial possibilities that the stock market has to offer."



Parx Plastics

Some years ago the people behind Parx Plastics recognized a growing demand for plastics with antibacterial/antimicrobial properties and from their expertise they knew that the available solutions to achieve such materials were not suitable for large-scale application/adoption because of their possible harmful effects on humans, animals or the environment as a whole. They had foreseen the dangers, insecurities and disadvantages of these solutions.

"With a direct listing, we get access to the financial possibilities that the stock market has to offer.The company will be publicly traded, and the shares of the current shareholders will be amended to tradeable shares.” 
Felix Guépin, CFO Parx Plastics



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Market: Euronext Access Paris
Subsector: Biotechnology
Isin code: NL0012650535
Symbol: MLPRX


IPO Date: 04/05/2018
Issue type: Private placement

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08 May 2018 Listing Parx Plastic expand

Parx Plastic celebrates listing Euronext Access

Dutch company Parx Plastics N.V. realized its listing on Euronext Access in Paris recently. To celebrate this listing, Michael van der Jagt, CEO of Parx Plastics, opens the trading day by striking the gong.

Parx Plastics (ticker symbol: MLPRX) has developed an innovative technology to make plastics antibacterial by using an essential nutrient. The integration of a body’s own trace element into plastic results in a defence mechanism against bacteria, which leads to a reduction of at least 99% of the number of bacteria on the surface of the treated plastic. The technique is particularly interesting for food packaging and for medical applications such as implants.

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04 May 2018 Parx Plastics N.V. expand

Parx Plastics N.V. lists on Euronext Access

Parx Plastics N.V. celebrates a private placement on Euronext Access in Paris. Michael van der Jagt, CEO of Parx Plastics N.V.  opens the Paris trading day.

Parx Plastics specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of biocompatible plastics and antibacterial polymers. The company's technology does not feature synthetic chemicals, biocides, heavy metals or nanoparticles. It can be used with any type of plastic. It is fully biocompatible, non-toxic, and does not diffuse out of the material. Also, it removes about 99% of bacteria and microorganisms pilling up on the surface of a product within 24 hours.

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